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The Issues

  Jobs & Taxes

Small businesses are the engine that drives our state economy. I believe that excessive taxes and burdensome regulations kill small business, while hindering new businesses from opening. As your state representative, I have worked hard to reduce the tax burden that has been placed on them, encouraging small business owners to hire more employees and grow.

Driver’s Licenses & Undocumented Immigrants

As a matter of public safety, I support legislation to repeal the state law that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a New Mexico driver’s license. In fact, during my first term in the state Legislature, I have led the fight to end this dangerous policy, and when re-elected, I will continue this fight.

  Crime & Public Safety

As a veteran Albuquerque Police Officer, I spent 27 years upholding the law, arresting violent criminals, removing drunk drivers from our streets and protecting the weak from violent offenders. As your state representative, I will continue to make public safety a top priority, making our state a safe place to live and raise our children.

  Concealed Carry of Firearms

I am a strong supporter of the concealed carry law in the state of New Mexico. I will work hard to strengthen law abiding citizens’ right to defend themselves, their families and their homes from criminals. I favor Arizona’s Castle Doctrine in the area which provides a no duty to retreat provision before using force to prevent certain serious offenses, including aggravated assault.


I’m a strong supporter of education. Our children are the cornerstone of our state’s future and it’s critical we ensure education in New Mexico is competitive with surrounding states. I believe in local control of our children’s education and have worked to take control of our children’s future out of the hands of Santa Fe bureaucrats and returning it to the classroom.

  Corruption & Ethics

For 27 years, I was an Albuquerque Police Officer, dedicated to fighting crime and serving the community. As your state representative, I have used my experience to continue this fight for integrity and ethics within our state government.

Government Spending

Government spending is out of control. As private citizens, we have to live within our budgets. As your state representative, I have been fighting to curtail excess spending and lavish, political pet projects.

  Death Penalty

I believe that former governor Bill Richardson made a huge mistake in repealing the death penalty in the state of New Mexico. When elected, I will lead the charge to reinstate the death penalty.